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How Theater Enriches Our Lives

The theater has been around since ancient times. Back then it was used as a diversion from wars and political and economic upheavals, and one can understand why. You forget yourself for that time and become fully immersed in the lives and stories of others. You root for the good guy, despise the bad guy and find yourself completely taken over by the music or words that captivate and mesmerize you.

Broadway has long been the icon and leader we could say in bringing us the very best of what theater can offer. Long-standing shows like Hamilton and the Lion King have dominated the scenes for years while the Book of Mormon had it’s grab on us for years and exploded onto the scene with its’ unique and truly intelligent sense of humor. Wicked exploded into the scene and took our hearts away as we watched the story between the good witch and the bad witch; Les Miserables continues to delight and sadden with its’ writing based a particularly difficult time in history. Theater not only indulges our mind and feelings it educates us on history and the human condition and truly makes us think leaving us to discuss for hours on end once the show is over its’ meaning and effect on us.

Whether it be in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or another city in The US we have a such a variety to choose from it might make your head spin but do not fear! We offer an incredible line up to choose from that is bound to suit any age, taste or desire to fulfill that need of a live performance and for that, we truly pride ourselves in providing you only the best to choose from. Get your tickets today from Tixlover, and you’ll be thanking us for a long time afterward guaranteed.

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