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Like theater and comedy and music, sports has been around since ancient times and has been the backbone of our society. People thrive on competition and watching their favorite teams fight each other to win using their amazing, mind-boggling physical attributes to stun and wow us. We feel truly alive as we cheer and sometimes cry over the outcome of the sport. In America, there is no shortage when it comes to choices, and each person has their favorite sport that gets their adrenaline pumping as together they join together to root for their home team or prized team. Over time sports and athletics increases in popularity and sales have continued to skyrocket. The most popular of sports has been divided into four leagues, NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA, and they continue to dominate the American sports sector.

NBA Basketball

Thanks to social media and television, tickets have become available to all on a national scale. Fans of individual players like Steph Curry and LeBron James continue to attract fans across the nation as they follow their favorite players and the demand for tickets due to these exceptionally talented players continues to rise on an exponential scale.

As the basketball season gears up we have game passes for the NBA to ensure fans get the very best seating and access to the teams and players they love. The Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers and Knicks are just a few of the high demand games on the must-watch lists of their fans as the games lead into the NBA playoffs and ultimately to the NBA playoffs not to mention the NBA All-STar Game. DO not miss this opportunity and get your tickets now as we at Tixlover know precisely how important this is for you and as always we have got covered!

MLB Baseball

Coined “America’s Pastime” it is no wonder MLB holds a special place in our hearts and to fans all over the United States. The MLB ALl-Start Game takes place in the summer while the games mark the end of winter and beginning of Spring with Opening Day creating the thrill all fans crave from their favorite teams.

Teams like the Yankees and Red Sox have long captivated us with their stunning physical talent and prowess while the Chicago Cubs are becoming a team not to underestimate. When summer ends the playoffs, and World Series dominate the hearts of fans all over the nation. Don’t wait to miss the season and get those tickets in the palm of your hands and go scream your head off supporting your favorite players and teams!

NHL Hockey

Hockey has long been the sport that fully engages its’ fans on all levels from incredible physical capability to incorporating fighting that allows us to vent our frustrations that all too often invade and clutter our lives and minds. Teams like the Boston Bruins, New York Rangers, and Chicago Blackhawks are just a few of the teams that dominate our excitement and enthusiasm as they compete for the Stanley Cup.

NHL All-Star Game ticket sales are available now and after the playoffs leave us with just two teams come to us for the Stanley Cup tickets to see the grand finale of the Stanley Cup. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity and let Tixlover bring you the very best seating an opportunity to watch live your favorite team!

NFL Football

Probably the biggest games and biggest sport in America is football. People gather in large groups to watch their favorite players and teams knock each other out to win. Lasting only 16 weeks, it’s imperative you get tickets to be able to watch live the games that thrill you, give you that indescribable rush and experience that only a live game can provide. Heated divided match-ups among rival teams are the fastest selling tickets with the Dallas Cowboys being the most popular followed by their harshest competitors the New York Giants. The Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers also attract a huge fan base as do the New England Patriots which tickets consistently prove hard to come by. So do not delay, do not wait last minute and risk missing the mind-blowing, heart pumping, adrenaline-inducing live games that these teams never fail to provide. Get your tickets now from Tixlover where we take sports just serious as you do!

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